About the Author

Sky Storms is just a regular guy who wants to help job seekers by sharing techniques he learned the hard way. When it comes to job hunting, the mere fact that Sky has been able to synthesize his vast experience as a career job hopper into a small self help book for job seekers should be enough proof that there is indeed a God.

Sky’s approach to job hunting was just unusual enough that he was able to get almost any job he applied for. Hired for his 37th time, Sky found himself working as a job coach for secondary level vocational technical students, a stint that lasted 27 years.  He lacked a four year college degree at the time, but got the teaching job regardless. His book, JOB: THE SEARCH IS ON takes all that in-the-trenches experience and translates it into helpful advice for job seekers. It is with a firm commitment to common sense judgment, proven to be successful, that he imparts what he himself has experienced in similar situations.

Sky was never what you would call a scholar. Diagnosed with dyslexia as a child; which he stubbornly retains to this day. He has always declared he would have done much better in school if only the child next to him had applied himself a little more.

Sky has done all the hard work for the inexperienced job seeker, of what to say and how to say it, by offering plenty of hands-on practical tips, like the examples and samples given in this book.  He earned notable accolades for his workplace readiness clinic, “Survival in the World of Work”, published and distributed by Ohio State University. He mentors high school students and pre- release felons in workplace readiness skills, at different locations of course. He knows What Works, How it Works and Why it Works.

Use these techniques to “Reach for the Sky” and go get the job you really want.